Y.E.S.B. - FOOD & QUALITY COMPANY - SPAIN, It's an import/export specialized company in the meat, fish and food market with high quality standards, we count with a professional team trained and sensitive to the needs of our customers, carefully attending every single inquiry from our customer in a personalized way, always looking the best choice in quality/price according to the demand. Our customers are mainly: sausages companies, processed meat plants, canned stews plants, canned food plants, smoked meat plants, wholesalers, trading companies, fresh and frozen processing plants, etc.

Y.E.S.B. - FOOD & QUALITY COMPANY - SPAIN, has a large network of suppliers with approvals and quality standards like: ISO, HACCP, IFS, Halal, etc. We work with them closely to ensure the quality and price of products for our customers, as we always look for improving and developing new products and optimum supply.

Our suppliers counts with several approvals